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Coupon Code Redemption Process
1. Download the free 'HOHC Rewards' on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 
2. Login to the HOHC Rewards App using your user information. 

3. In the top right hand corner in the banner - select the user icon. 
4. Select the 'My Deals' icon in the centre of the screen. 

5. Enter the promotion code that you have been provided. 
6. The promotion code will now be applied to your membership. 
7. Ensure to meet the eligibility requirements specific to each promotion to receive the benefit of that promotion.
 - It is important that you quote your mobile phone number and ensure our staff have registered your membership for each transaction for which you seek the promotion to apply. 

House of Health Collective Healthy Rewards Loyalty Program

As a member of the House of Health Collective ‘Healthy Rewards’ Loyalty Program you can earn Points that will provide you 'cash back' for making healthy and sustainable choices.


This document sets out the Terms and Conditions of the House of Health Collective Healthy Rewards Loyalty Program. These include the use of the program and any promotional activity and loyalty transactions that arise out of the use of the Loyalty Program. 


By joining the House of Health Collective ‘Healthy Rewards’ Loyalty Program, redeeming rewards, and entering promotions and competitions you are deemed to have agreed to be legally bound to the Terms and Conditions. 

The Loyalty Program


By becoming a member and using your Loyalty Membership in store for Eligible Purchases you will earn Points that can be redeemed during future visits.
You could also be eligible to redeem special offers and promotions that may be offered as communicated by House of Health Collective at times. 


By registering to become a member of the House of Health Collective Healthy Rewards Loyalty Program you may be sent special promotions, advertising, and other marketing materials from time to time. 


The Loyalty Program only relates to instore purchases, and does not include the Online Store, unless specifically noted in the promotion. Points can only be accumulated and redeemed during eligible instore transactions.


To become a member you can come in store and speak to our staff or register online via our Mobile App. 


Joining and making use of the House of Health Collective Healthy Rewards Loyalty Program will be deemed to be acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, and the Terms of Use, and our Privacy Policies. 


Program Benefits


As a registered member you will accumulate Points at set intervals in any Eligible Purchase. 


An Eligible Purchase is any transaction with a value of over $30. 


Members will receive up to 5% of the transaction value in Points which can be redeemed on subsequent visits for any purchase when they present their membership at time of purchase.
E.g. Any transaction by a registered member with a value of over $30 will receive Points that equate approximately to a 5% ‘cash back’ of the transaction value that they can redeem during future transactions. 
Due to limitations in the software the range of discount can fluctuate between 4.29% and 5% on any Eligible Purchase.

Each Eligible Purchase is subject to a Points Cap per Eligible Purchase value of $2,000. Any Eligible Purchase value above $2,000 is not subject to any additional Points, above that which a $2,000 transaction would receive.  

If a member fails to appropriately disclose their membership details at the time of purchase they will not be able to accumulate or redeem their Status Points, Credit or any other membership benefit including promotions for that transaction.


Points (Cash Back) and Promotions

Points (Cash Back) and certain other Special Offers, Promotions and Benefits can be redeemed during any in store transaction when making a purchase by advising our staff of your intention to do so and providing them with sufficient membership information to validate and redeem. 


The terms of the Points, Cash Back, and other Promotions and Special Offers may vary at House of Health Collectives discretion. 


Accumulated Points must be redeemed within 3 months of allocation/accumulation.
Any Points (Cash Back) entitlements not used within 3 months of accumulation will be forfeited. 


Points are not redeemable for cash, they can only be redeemed against eligible purchases in store. 


Membership Information

A member when in store can request information including their Point Balance. These details are also available on the Mobile App. 


How to Cancel Your Membership


A member can chose to close or cancel their membership at any time.
This can be done by sending an email to marketing@houseofhealthcollective.com.au.
You may be asked to provide relevant information to allow us to confirm your identity before completing the cancellation/closure of your membership to the Loyalty Program. 

At the time of cancellation any benefits of the Loyalty Program not yet redeemed is forfeited this includes the Points, Credits, and any other accumulated benefits or promotions.
These benefits are not transferrable. 


Fair Use


At the discretion of House of Health Collective any contravention of the Terms and Conditions or any attempt to act in a manner that is contrary to the spirit or are not deemed to be in ‘good faith’ when engaging with the Loyalty Program are grounds for a membership to either be suspended or cancelled and the accumulated or eligibility for benefits of that Member will be forfeited. 

A Membership should only be used by the named individual member. Members are not permitted to share or provide their membership details to others. 


The Loyalty Program is subject to an individual Transaction and  annual Points (Cash Back) Cap.

House of Health Collective reserves the right to remove or change any benefit or terms of the Loyalty Program including but not limited to; Status Credits, Points, or other Promotion, Benefit or Special Offer allocated to a membership account at its discretion. 


Special Conditions

House of Health Australia Pty Ltd & House of Health Norwood Pty Ltd and its related entities trading under various names including House of Health Collective, Central Organic, and Sustainable Co Eco Store reserves the rights to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Further reserves the right to make any determination in regards to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions at its discretion. 


Privacy Policy

At House of Health Collective we appreciate your trust in us to provide us with your Personal information. We collect, store, and use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.
Your personal information will only be used by us and third party providers to aid in the administration of the Loyalty Program and in relation to Marketing Activities of House of Health Collective and its related entities.
We will contact you via Post, Email, SMS, Social Media (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, etc), and via our Mobile App and other methods from time to time.
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information. 


You may access your personal information by contacting us in store or by email at marketing@houseofhealthcollective.com.au.

Terms of Use

Further Terms of Use for the Mobile App and the Loyalty Program are available via the Mobile App, in store, or by email request to marketing@houseofhealthcollective.com.au.